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5 Simple Tips to Stop Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathers are often the laughing stocks of others. But you know it is not that funny if you belong to this group. For some, it is a matter of life and death.

The following are some simple ways you can stop breathing through your mouth.

  1. Check if you are doing it

The first step in eliminating the habit is to know if you are doing it. Knowing it is quite simple. If your mouth is dry when you wake up, you breathe through your mouth.

  1. Know the root cause

Mouth breathing can happen to numerous reasons. Given below are just a few among them.

  • Obstruction in the nose: Air fails to flow smoothly through your nose
  • As a habit: You may be used to breathing through your mouth since childhood.
  • It is natural during pregnancy: Mouth breathing is quite normal during the third trimester of your pregnancy. If it is not your habit, it will stop on its own.
  1. Know why nasal breathing is important

Know that nose is the organ made for breathing. It has a 4-stage filtration mechanism. The hair filters and helps the body to eliminate harmful tiny particles in the air. Mucus produces an enzyme designed to destroy the virus and bacteria in the air. The sinuses and turbinates warm up the air that gets into the nose. This process produces nitric oxide. And that is a must for improve functioning of the lungs.

Mouth breathing will also lead to imbalance in the amount of carbon dioxide in your lung. Remember, co2 is a must for them to do their jobs. When it gets too low, your brain starts taking action. It will narrow all the tubes in your body. The desperate action will affect every single process of your body. Remember, it depends on tubes for all its activities. From sweating to bowel movement, everything gets affected. You can imagine the consequences.

  1. Use a tape

Now that you know why you should breathe through your nose, it is time to help yourself. Begin your effort with a tape. Take a few sticky papers and paste a tape over your mouth. Just make sure that your mouth is fully closed before doing this. You may have to modify the strategy as per your requirements. Discuss your plan with a dentist. The expert will suggest ways to make good use of the method.

  1. Practice exercises to clear your nose

There are numerous exercises to clear nose. Do a research online and choose the one that would work for you. Do it regularly until breathing through nose becomes a habit for you.

You can also try myofunctional therapy. This aims at repatterning the muscles. And it involves exercises and techniques to help you modify your behavior. As a result, you learn to position your tongue properly when chewing. Right posture and proper positioning of your head & neck too are some of the things it aims to attain.

Close your mouth at night. Your body will thank you for the effort.

Choosing the right oil for your hair

Market offers an astounding number of options when it comes to the oil for your tresses. Choosing one from among them is definitely a daunting task. Experts generally recommend going natural. Here are a few tips to remember when choosing an oil for your shiny tresses.

  1. Know what your hair needs most

Know the type of hair you have. If it is dry by nature, use those oil that penetrate into your hair. The highly recommended among these are coconut, olive and avocado. Doing this will prevent loss of moisture from your hair. Avoid the oils that stay like coats atop your hair. These will simply make your hair dull and greasy.

  1. Consider your scalp

The next thing that deserves your attention is your scalp. A dry or itchy scalp needs an oil that helps it maintain the moisture. It should also be able to nourish it inside out. Natural oils are known to work wonders in this regard.

If yours is a flaky scalp, you need an oil that contains anti-microbial solutions. The oil should also help you hide that flakiness. The highly recommended choice for flaky scalp is coconut oil. And an oily scalp requires an oil that is light and doesn’t stick on the hair. Go for argan oil.

  1. Set up a goal

Determine what you want to get from your choice oil. Read the labels carefully and go for the one that works in the way you expect.

Finally, be willing to experiment. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars buying gallons of your favorite oil. Choose a few essential oils that are not hard on your hair. Combine them with your favorite hair oil and use. You will get benefited from all of them.


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Hiring Seasonal Employees-Six Practical Tips

Hiring seasonal employees is entirely different from hiring permanent staff. Your chosen candidates should either be quick learners or should have considerable work experience. There is no time for extensive training. Your offer is just for a short duration. The only way out is to probe candidate with regard to work experience and skills.

Following are six tips to help your efforts in this regard.


  1. Do you need a temporary team?


This is the first question you should ask when planning to hire seasonal workers. The increase in your business may be minor. And your round-the-year team may be enough to handle it. Or the increase of sales may not happen during the same period every year. If this is the case, you may not need a temporary team to help you.


  1. Start at the earliest


You decided that you need help to handle the seasonal increase in your sales. It also happens in the same period every year. Now comes the question of hiring.


Make sure that you are advertising the requirements as early as possible. Begin hiring at the onset of summer itself if you need a team for the holidays. This ensures that you have enough time to train the staff.  Be practical with regard to their responsibilities and the duration of their job.


  1. Begin with your customers


Your customers are the best to hire to help with your business. They know a lot about your brand. They remain loyal to you because they love your company. Take advantage of this goldmine.


You can advertise to your customer base without even the slightest of hesitation. Communicating to them too is sure to be a breeze.


Start by offering employee discounts on a specific number of items. This will prompt your most loyal customers to join your firm as staff.


  1. Give them the required training


Being temporary does not eliminate the need for good training. You just have to make it a bit faster. They have to run where your year-the-round team just has to walk. Remain available to answer all queries and inform them of the same. If you are time-bound, let your senior staff support you.


  1. Treat them well


Being temporary does not mean that your holiday hires are less skilled than their year-round counterparts. Encourage them to get involved in all aspects of your business. Seek feedback from them and act on the suggestions you receive. You should also encourage them to ask questions and offer suggestions.


  1. Talk to your insurance agent


This is an area where businesses often make fatal mistake. They live under the impression that temporary workers don’t need insurance protection. It is only when something that happens that they think of it. By that time, they would have almost drained your budget to nothingness. Don’t be one among them.


Discuss your plans of hiring temporary staff with your insurance agent. The expert will explain the possible liabilities and help you accordingly.


Finally, end the contract as an open-ended relationship. Temporary job is often an opportunity to test their reliability. The team may have great candidates that you can include in your round-the-year team.

The Ten Plagues (Continued)

God also offers instructions on how to eat it. The Israelites should eat the animal with their sandals on and with their staff in hand. They should have it in a rush. It is a Passover that honors God.

God will pass through Egypt that night. He will strike down the firstborns of Egypt; both of men and beasts. This way, He will judge their Gods. God declares.

The blood that is on their doorposts will be their sign. When God sees it, He will not let the destroyer enter that home.

The Israelites should commemorate this day. They should keep it as a feast for all generations. This is a decree for eternity.

The people should eat unleavened bread for seven days. They should clean their homes of leaven on the first day. They should outlaw anyone who eats leavened bread for the seven days.

They should have a sacred assembly on the first and seventh day. They should also abstain from work in those days. They can prepare food. God repeats and confirms this command for eternity.

Moses then calls the meetings of the elders of Israel. He asks them to kill a lamb for each family.

They should take a bunch of hyssop, dip it in the blood and touch with it on the two doorposts. Done this, they should remain indoors till morning.