6 Mistakes that make you age faster

You may have a 90-year old acquaintance who enjoys running or having a ride. In the meantime, you may be an older adult finding it difficult even to move around. Similarly, there are old cars that work as new and latest models that drive like that they need refurbishing. Whatever is the scenario, everyone wants to be the former. Surveys show that it is human errors that make people age faster than their body plans.

Avoid these six mistakes and you will get entry into the former group.

  1. An imbalanced diet

Know that an unhealthy meal plan is like a cordial invitation to ageing earlier. Having too much of healthy choices too can land you in trouble. The best course of action is to ensure that your body gets the calories it needs. You should also be mindful of the nutrients it requires to sustain. Let fresh fruits and vegetables be a mainstay in your meal plan. Try to bid farewell to processed food. If saying goodbye to them is impractical, minimize them.  You should also include whole grains and meat in your diet.

  1. Inability to manage stress

Stress to a certain extent is great. It helps you stay motivated and achieve great heights. But too much of it will cause more harm than good. Heartache and migraine are just two among the host of problems stress can cause. If left ignored, it can even become fatal.

  1. Neglecting sleep

Good sleep is a must for one’s health. This is an advice that gets repeated millions of times. But most of us ignore it.

Don’t live under the wrong impression that your four to five hours of sleep is enough for you. Experts recommend that you should sleep at least seven hours a day. Lack of sleep will lead to numerous ailments. You will also look much older than you actually are.

Take measures to get enough rest at night. This will help your skin heal from the damage you caused to it in the day.

  1. Too much washing

Everyone wants to have clean hands and face. But know that too much of washing can harm your skin. It will also cause your skin to age earlier than your body intends.

When washing your face, go for gentle creams without fragrance. This should be the norm irrespective of your skin type. The best way to keep your hands neat and clean is to apply some cream and wear gloves. The heat of the hand will help the cream to penetrate. And the moist will stay long.

  1. Ignoring yourself

You have to fulfill your responsibilities and help those around you. But this should not be done at the cost of yourself. Set aside some time for yourself. Enjoy a walk in your neighbors in the morning or in the evening. Allow yourself the luxury of a bubble bath. You can also wake up a bit early to read the book you love most. You can do what you enjoy. But remember one thing, ignoring yourself for your responsibilities is a surefire way to age fast.

  1. Inability to forgive

Bearing a grudge against someone for long is dangerous for your health. Even if it is in the recess of your mind, you are wasting your precious energy. Learn to forgive others and yourself to get rid of past bitterness and move forward in life. The Internet offers you numerous strategies to help yourself in this regard. Read them and accept the ones that would best suit you.

Finally, don’t be too serious. Laugh as often as you can. You should take certain things seriously. But there may be situations where you can be lighthearted. Make good use of them.