Your ultimate guide to decorating a stress-free home

Businesses take help from psychology to make their staff feel at home in a professional environment. We too can borrow their tricks to help ourselves at home. Remember, home should be a place of healing, not a continuum for a tiring day at work. Here are 8 simple tips for a stress-free home.

  1. Have a refreshing focal point

Make sure that the first thing you see when entering your home is something you love. It can be anything; a piece of art or a flower vase will do. You can even use a souvenir for the purpose. Doing this will help you feel relaxed when coming home.

  1. Use light colors

Light colors relax and refresh a person, say experts. Try sage green or dusty blue to paint the walls of your home. Get recommendations from a professional or search online for the color combinations that best suit your home.

  1. Do not skip your dinner chats

Go for a round table at home. Studies show that round tables increase communication when compared with their square variants. Make sure that your laptops or desktops are out of sight when having dinner. Having them near you will create the impression that you attend more to their screens than to your dear ones.

  1. Every single room is important

You may find it easier to close an unfinished room. But the feeling is going to hang on in your subconscious mind until you complete it. Tasks undone are always energy zappers. Give equal importance to every room in your home. Decorate them all stress-free to feel completely relaxed when entering your home.

  1. Remove bad memories

You may be keeping all your experiences both good and bad close with you. They may be hanging on your walls or sitting in your shelves. If they are the ones that invoke negativity, you are going to suffer. Rid your home of all the negative memories to have a relaxing day.

  1. Stay in touch with nature

Human beings are created to appreciate nature. Keep a fountain or any other thing you love close at hand. This will fulfill your innermost desire to be with nature. It will also create a serene atmosphere in your home.

  1. De-clutter your home

Lots of stuff being stored everywhere in your home may indicate prosperity. But clutter is going to weigh heavy on your mind. Get rid of everything that you don’t use. Don’t skip even small items like a chair in the corner. Sometimes, de-cluttering may mean that you will have to replace your furniture. Still, don’t procrastinate it. The calmness that follows the effort is definitely worth all your time and energy.

Finally, get rid of distractions. Don’t let anything affect your quality time with your family. Keep away those stacks of magazines on your table. Avoid putting your coat on your coat. Try to bid farewell to technology for some time.  All this may appear insignificant. However, they are the mountains that stress your mind. Technology will keep reminding you of undone tasks. And other clutter will keep on reminding of the simple chores you have to do. Keep everything in its proper place and you will feel at home in your house!