4 Effective Ways To Improve Your Sense Of Humor

Sense of humor is a must for a healthy existence. It alleviates stress and helps you cope with chronic pain. Empathy toward others and numerous other health benefits follow suit. But the question is; how to enhance it?

Following are some tried and proven tips to laugh a bit more every day.

  1. Watch comedy shows

Watching comedy shows is a surefire way to improve your sense of humor. If you are not habituated to it, search online for the popular ones. You may also look for the shows that match with your tastes and preferences. Don’t worry if you fail to find anything funny in a particular show. Watch as many as you can. You are sure to find something of interest to you. Even if you fail miserably, there is no harm in experimenting.

  1. Try to see the funny side of your life

Don’t be a jerk that takes life overly serious all the time. There may be many a funny instances that people often fail to notice. Try to laugh at them. Gradually, you will grow to such an extent that you will enjoy laughing at yourself.

  1. Listen to others

Everyone will have a funny story to tell. Listen to all of them. And when asked, be prepared to present one on your own. Your story may not leave your audience in splits. Narrate an amusing incident in your life or with your own friend. That will do fine if you are a beginner. See to it that you are not offending anyone.

To be honest, laughing at the expense of others is not a good idea. Try to find your own mistakes and laugh at them.

  1. Learn a few jokes

The Internet is a vast source of information on anything under the sun. Make good use of it. Research and you will come across millions of jokes. Learn a few of them and the effect will have a positive influence on your personality.

Finally, observe your surroundings to laugh a bit. Developing a sense of humor may take some time. But the effort is worth taking. It will improve both your personal and professional life.