Seven Tips to Land A New Job After Being Fired

The sentence “you are fired,” has the power to make a person feel doomed for life. However, you don’t have to be one among them. Relax for a few minutes and remind yourself that it was just a job. You may even go out and pour out your heart to your close friend. When relaxed, try these ten tips to get a new job.

  1. Evaluate if the job was right for you

There may be some reason for firing you. Share your feelings with your friend and try to get an impartial opinion.  Analyze the advice and check if your choice was wrong. If yes, rewrite your resume. There are numerous resume writing services that offer great results at affordable rates. Do your research and approach one of them. The expert will highlight your skills and achievements in such a way as to assist your efforts.

  1. Start anew as fast as possible

The irresistible temptation to spend a few days to yourself after being fired is quite natural. But don’t let this feeling overpower you. Remember, you have no time to waste. Staying active is the best way to get rid of that bitter baggage. Besides, you don’t want to create long gaps between one job and another. Start your search for a new job at the earliest after your termination.

  1. Be prepared for a scrutiny

Be confident and honest when approaching prospective employers. Prepare yourself for the questions about your past job. When explaining the same, be honest, sincere and frank. However, don’t focus too much on it. Elaborate on what you learned from the experience. If possible, avoid saying anything negative about your former employer.

  1. Get reference

Try to reach out to your former employer for reconciliation. Be truthful and own up the responsibility. If you do it, your boss will be more than happy to refer you to others.  If it is not practical, network as much as you can. Attend conferences in the field and make friends with people. Doing this will help you get acquainted with great people. And if you are reliable enough, you won’t have any difficulty to get reference.

  1. Make good use of your time

When hunting for a job after being fired, you are sure to be worried about the time gap. Try your hand in freelancing. You will add up to your income and get references from customers who appreciate your service. Accumulate them as much as you can. You may also try volunteering for well-established organizations. Here too, you will get an opportunity to get connected with great names in your field.

  1. Refrain from using the word “fired.”

There is no doubt that you are fired from your job. But there are many positive ways to present it than directly using the word. It can be differences of opinion, downgrading or differences of work ethics. Whatever is the situation, do not blame your supervisor for your situation.

  1. Don’t compare yourself with others

It is always recommended that you stay safe from social media for some time after being fired. The posts about your friend’s awesome job and the bright future it promises are sure to depress you. Most of the posts on social media are mere exaggerated statements. Remember, you have to get back as early as possible and comparing yourself with your boasting friends is never going to help.

Finally, keep on moving toward your ultimate goal. There is no point in hiding the truth; getting a new job after termination is quite difficult. But a positive attitude and hard work will reward you with a better job!