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Choosing A Financial Advisor-Eight Effective Tips

You decided that a financial advisor is a must for your business to survive. The questions you have are overwhelming. And you need answers for all of them at the earliest. But the billion-dollar question is, from where to begin? The answer is as simple as the following eight tips.


  1. Evaluate your requirements


Decide what you want first. If insurance is your priority, a well-experienced insurance broker would do fine.  If you need continuous financial advice, you will need an expert registered with a security firm.


  1. Inquire in your locality


You know what you want. Next comes the question of hiring. The most reliable reference here is that of your own family. Discuss your requirements with your friends and family and request recommendations. They will definitely have a few names to suggest. Prepare a list and narrow it down based on your requirements. You may also seek advice from your investors and mentor in the matter.


  1. Look for a fiduciary


A fiduciary is legally obliged to put the interests of a business first. This reason alone makes people belonging to these group dependable financial advisors.


You determined your priorities and have a list of potential financial advisors with you. The next step is ensuring complete understanding and support from the other end. And a fiduciary guarantees it.


Inquire if your potential candidate belongs to this group. If yes, get the answer in writing. This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises. Anyone who beats around the bush when asked this question is a firm no.


  1. Check credentials and qualifications


You know your priorities, prepared a list accordingly and opted for a fiduciary. Now comes the question of double checking. Inquire about the qualifications and credentials of your choice expert. Check his/her licenses. You may also request at least two references. This will make sure that you are working with someone who cares for your business.


  1. Consider work experience


Qualifications definitely matter a lot when hiring a financial advisor. However, you want to make sure that the expert stays safe from unwise decisions. A few years of service in the field would do fine. However, don’t sacrifice innovation to experience. Your business does need an experienced hand. In the meantime, you need the latest technologies and innovative strategies to survive.


  1. Take location into account


Consulting an advisor miles away from you is sure to cost you dearly. Talking on phone may work. But that alone is not enough for a partnership to succeed. Opt for a firm or expert that is in your area. This will eliminate unwanted tensions in the instances of face-to-face discussions.


  1. Check compliance records


Experts always recommend Government websites as the most reliable sources of information. Check the name of your lawyer in Government financial databases. Most of them will display the company, name and compliant-record of the expert in question. Go for the one with a clean record.


  1. Inquire about the structure of fees


You found someone who cares for your business. This leads to the crucial question. How much you should pay for the services offered? The answer depends on your requirements and the type of advisor you choose. Inquire if it is an hourly fee structure or commission-based. Whatever is the answer, know what markets in general offers. If the amount negotiated is reasonable, stick to your choice. Otherwise, approach the competitor.


Finally, the expert in question should be a good communicator. You should not have any trouble talking with the person. You should also make sure that you have in writing every single penny you spend for your advisor.


The Exodus (Continued)

God asks Moses to consecrate the firstborn of everything in Israel; both men and animal. The firstborn fruits of the womb belong to God.

Moses prepares the people. He reminds them how God brought them out of Egypt with a mighty hand. The people are reminded of the instructions they received on the eve of their exodus. Moses wants them to bind these instructions on their hands so that they may remain before them all the time. They came out of that country in the month of Abib. God is taking them to the land of Canaan where milk and honey flows. He will drive the inhabitants therein before them.

Moses then asks the Israelites to dedicate all their firstborn; of both men and animals. They may redeem the firstborns of donkeys with a lamb. If they don’t, they should break its neck. They should redeem the firstborns of humans.

The way through the territory that belonged to the Philistines is the shortest way to Canaan. But God decides against leading His people that way. He feels that they may change their minds and go back to Egypt.

God leads them on a long route, through the desert of the Sea of Reeds.

Thus Israelites leave Egypt.

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God isn’t cruel; disability isn’t punishment









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The Exodus (Continued)

The Israelites should commemorate the day God kept a vigil over them to bring them out of Egypt. This is a decree for all eternity.

God then instructs Moses and Aaron on how to eat the Passover. Strangers should not eat it. Their slaves may have a part in it. But they should be circumcised.

They should eat it in a single house. They are forbidden either from bringing out the meat to the outside or breaking the animal’s bones.

The entire community of Israelites should eat Passover. If a stranger expresses his desire to share it, he and his household should be circumcised. God forbids an uncircumcised person from having it. Everyone who is circumcised should be treated as a citizen of Israel. Their laws should never discriminate among the citizens and the foreigners staying in the country.

Thus God brings His people out of Egypt with a mighty hand.