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Top 7 Tips For A Healthy Spring

A new season brings with it a host of new things. Diet, a bit of extra sunlight and rituals; everything adds up to the excitement. If you are like me, you would love the extra time you get to spend outdoors. I try to get the most from it walking or biking around. It is also an amazing opportunity to get benefited from the seasonal produces available out there.

Here are 11 tips to help your body get the most from this spring.

  1. Exercise, exercise, exercise

You may have developed a meal plan so as to ensure an abundance of nutrients for the body. But nothing is going to help if you remain a couch potato. Exercise as much as your body allows. It relieves stress, treats depression and protects your heart. A workout routine is also your best friend when trying to lose weight. Yes, spring is the perfect time to enjoy outdoors. Get the most from it.

  1. Bid farewell to sugar

Experts say that sugar is one among the dire enemies of your body. Try to cut down as much sugar from your diet as possible. Doing this all at once is not practical. Start slow and increase the amount as and when you feel comfortable. Begin by reducing the amount of sugar you add to your coffee. Stop sweetening your yogurt and replace your favorite sugary drink with pure water.

  1. Be mindful of portions

The most effective way to keep your weight in control is regulating the amount of food you intake. However, measuring everything you have is a daunting task. Use your hands instead for the purpose. For instance, a healthy meal should not include more than three ounces of meat. And that is just the size of your palm. The amount of rice in your plate should not exceed the size of your fist. This, perhaps, is not a scientific way to measure things out. But it is a simpler way to regulate your meal. Expect to enjoy more if yours is a big hand.

  1. Be willing to go with the season

Spring may come any time from March to May, depending on your region. Wherever you are, spring is the season of contradicting changes. It may start with a warm week. And the next may be just the opposite, a week of intense cold.  The best course of action is to follow your natural desires. Have warmer foods like vegetable soup during the warm climate. Follow it up with heavier items like vegetables in the next week of winter. Light foods like vegetable broth soups and cooked vegetables are the generally recommended choices during the warmer week.

  1. Drink lots of coconut water

If you want to stay healthy during the warmer week of the spring, you should stay hydrated. And coconut water is the best drink you can have this time. High in anti-oxidants and other nutrients, it slows ageing and gives you a clear skin. The drink also destroys the free radicals in your body. You can even dab it on the skin if that is what you prefer.

  1. Make it colorful

Spring is the season of the abundance of fresh produces. Let your body have the most from it. Add fresh vegetables and fruits and make your meals colorful and delicious at the same time. The beautiful display is sure to prompt you to eat everything in your plate. You will have your recommended amounts for fruits and vegetables at least during spring.

  1. Avoid skipping meals

Food is the last thing that comes to mind when having a fun time in the outdoors. But skipping meals can have disastrous effects on your health. The advice applies especially to those consuming alcohol. Some of you may even have experienced the danger of drinking on an empty stomach. This does not mean to say that non-drinkers are free to skip meals. Set aside at least few minutes at regular intervals even in your tight schedule. When travelling, pack some snacks with you. Doing this will protect you from hunger pangs and consequent over-eating during your general mealtime. Stay safe from junk food. Replace them with healthy snacks like dried fruits and nuts.

Finally, have your annual health check-ups. If you are allergic to certain food items, consult a skin specialist during the spring. This will prevent flare-ups while enjoying the healthy food items of your choice.

Many men typically delay a visit to a doctor as long as possible, but ignoring symptoms signaling trouble often comes at a huge cost. (VADIMGUZHVA/GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO)


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7 Effective Tips To Enhance Your Listening Skills

Effective communication is a must to survive in today’s fast-paced world. Still, we have neither the patience, nor the time to listen to one another.  The ability to listen patiently is now a rare asset. Willingness to listen to one another, known as the gift of time, improves relationships. It solves issues, increases mutual understanding and minimizes errors. In a work environment listening skill helps save time and improves productivity. In a family, it helps children develop strong relationships and become resourceful. They grow to be self-reliant and solve problems on their own.

Following are a few tips to enhance your listening skill.

  1. Take a decision

We are what you think. If you decide to listen well, you can do it. Decide before entering into a conversation that you will be a patient listener. All the points the other person presents may not be valuable for you. However, reaching a conclusion without listening well may prove disastrous. Acknowledge the speaker’s presence and listen to the entire conversation. Only then will we be able to respond intelligently.

  1. Try to be in the present

There is no doubt to one thing. Talking to someone who appear distracted and restless is truly annoying. It makes a person feel insulted. The speaker may feel frustrated and angry. And he may just close the conversation.

When listening to someone, give them your full attention. If something is bothering you, like a call or text, tell them directly. The speaker will give you the time to sort out the issue. When done, inform him and let him continue the conversation. Pay attention to the speaker’s expressions, tone and body language. Doing this will help you read between the lines and glean valuable information from the same.

  1. Establish and maintain eye contact

This is something that deserves utmost importance. Maintain eye contact with the speaker. It will create an impression that you are fully involved in the conversation. You can also use inviting nonverbal signals like crossing your arms to create an impression of utmost attention.

  1. Paraphrase what you hear

The advice may appear too simple to follow. But paraphrasing is an effective way to show the speaker that he has your full attention. You should also summarize what you have heard at the end of the conversation. The process will avoid the instances of misunderstanding.

  1. Listen without prejudices

Understand that human mind is not designed for multitasking. It can only do one job at a time. The same applies to the situation when listening to a conversation. Give your mind the freedom to do one thing perfectly; listening to the speaker. Afterwards, you can evaluate the arguments and respond accordingly. It is the best and reasonable pattern. Allow your mind the freedom to do it.

  1. Do not interrupt

This is the worst mistake you can commit in a formal scenario. Listen to the complete speech before responding to it. Interrupting the speech is paramount to your attempts to gain importance. You will also be telling indirectly that you have no regard to what the speaker says or feels. It will also create a feeling that you are more interested in persuasion rather than a conversation. All these are going to have a negative effect on your reputation. Stay safe.

  1. Thank the speaker

Thank the speaker when he completes the speech. A quick “thank you” will do more good than you can ever imagine. There is no one who doesn’t love being thanked. It will also show that you were closely following the conversation. Thanking for the favors you receive is a great way to form meaningful relationships. It will create opportunities, both for you and the speaker to learn from each other.

Finally, have a pen and paper at hand. Writing down points will help you listen actively. Let the speaker talk non-stop. At the end of it, you can go back there and ask questions. Known as interactive listening, this process helps you make sure that you have gotten everything right.

Becoming a better listener is not a rocket science. It just requires a bit of effort and patience on your part.

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Why Hire A Freelance Writer?

If you own a business, you are your firm’s closest friend. You know what it needs and what it doesn’t. But the trouble is that content is king; irrespective of the nature of your business. You need to have good content to rank higher in search engines. But the unfortunate fact is that not everyone will write well. Even if they know what readers want from them, they seldom will have that command over the language to impart the information.

Hiring a professional writer for your business offers you the following benefits.

  1. You add expertise without increasing the headcount

Minimizing cost without compromising the expertise is the trend of our time. However, this does not change the existing norm, content is king. And informing your target audience in an engaging way asks for a professional with years of experience in the field. However, hiring a permanent writer is not practical in a tight budget. Here comes a freelance writer to your assistance. All you need to do is to search online for a reliable professional. This ensures that you get excellent quality when you need. And the cost is sure to be lower when compared to that of hiring and training a writer on your own.

  1. Flexibility

People take up freelancing because of the flexibility it offers. As a thriving business, you can get benefited from the same. Your freelancer can update your Facebook posts, reply to your fans and do everything you expect even after you call it a day for your business. You may even email a project to your freelancer. And the assignment will be there in your email in the Monday morning. Isn’t it exciting?

  1. Delivery on time

Instant delivery is another benefit you will gain. This is in fact something related to flexibility. A freelancer does not have time for idle conversation. He just wants to get the job done. The more he works, the more he earns. And he will be in a hurry to complete your assignment. However, a reliable professional will never compromise on quality. They need clients to survive.

  1. It helps you save time

Time is too valuable to lose, especially for a thriving business. Entrusting your content requirements with a freelancer lets you get more time to yourself. And you can use it to develop other areas where you are good at.

  1. They fill up the gaps in your knowledge

You definitely want to have a great website. But you may not be as expert as you think in the layout. Entrust the task with a professional. He will fill up the gaps and help you get that visual appeal you want.

Finally, you get an impartial analysis. You can never expect an objective opinion from an in-house team. They will have numerous things to take into account when expressing themselves. An outsider brings newer perspective. And you are sure to get benefited from it.

Combine it with a pair of eyes to scrutinize your content. An experienced writer will quickly note if you miss out on something and will fill it.

Hire a freelance writer to establish yourself as the leader in the industry without hurting your wallet!

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