5 Powerful Tips to Create An Opening Line That Grabs Eyeballs For Your Novel!

As a writer, the prospect of writing a novel is truly appealing. It gives you an opportunity to let your imagination go wherever it wants and take you to wherever it wants. You also get an opportunity to carry your readers along with you. But creating an opening line that grabs eyeballs is definitely a daunting task. I face the same situation at times when writing a blog. Fortunately, it does not have that way all the time.

Following are some of the proven ways to create that line capable of making your reader read an entire book.

  1. Start By stating a universal truth

This is something you can see in most of the European novels. Writing this will inspire your readers to see if the novel will conform to the principle you mentioned or not. Just make sure that your novel stands true to your statement till the end.

  1. Implant a question in your readers’ mind

Let the readers wonder what comes next. For this to happen, you should write the first few in such a way as to captivate them. If you are successful enough, you will hook your readers to the novel to the end.

  1. Establish the tone

The opening lines of your novel should tell your readers what they can expect from the book. Humor, tragedy; it can be anything. Just see to that the voice is as simple as they can understand at the first scan. The Internet abounds in great opening lines. You can draw inspiration from your favorite author. Having a discussion with your writer-friends too is a good idea.

  1. Begin with something unusual

Try to think what readers generally expect from the type of novel you plan to write. Then go in the opposite direction. Doing this will arouse curiosity and will prompt your readers to keep on reading to know what comes next.

  1. Open your novel with an action

Surveys reveal that novel that start with an action prompt readers to read through an entire book. You can take your characters to a strange place and later describe how they reached there. Or you can just make your character do something unusual in the beginning. Whatever it is, take great care to maintain the suspense till the end.

Finally, have a compelling image. Remember, pictures speak louder than words. It should establish the tone of your book and prompt your reader to open it to see the inside.


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Why Learn A Second Language?

“Learning a foreign language is a thrill. But…” The reasons for not learning a second language abound in number. Even I used to make excuses of my own to help me here.  Fortunately, that is now a thing of the past; I am a polyglot at the moment. Now I have a tough time finding a reason not to learn a new language. And the reasons to do the same pop up in thousands every single day. Here are just a few among them.

  1. It boosts your career prospects

Knowing a foreign language is a plus for your job applications.

The concept of global village is not a distant possibility; it is a practical reality now. And the number of companies that operate in several countries is always on the rise. This becomes impossible if businesses don’t employ people who speak at least one language other than their mother tongue. Have you ever imagined yourself waiting in an airport for a business trip to another country? You can be one among them if you learn a foreign language. Same is the situation even with the small businesses of today. Having a foreign language at your disposal is sure to set you apart wherever you are.

  1. It sharpens your decision-making skills

Studies show that people who speak multiple languages make wise choices. They analyze a situation in all the languages they know and go for the conclusion that is in their best interests. Polyglots also tend to appear more confident in the choices they make.

  1. It opens you up to new cultures

Everyone knows that learning a foreign language requires fierce determination and dedication. For this reason, people think highly of you when you speak their native language in a foreign country. Passers-by admire you and your friends living in the land appreciate you. Yes, learning a new language creates a win-win situation for both you and for the country you plan to visit.

  1. It makes traveling cheaper

You reached your destination. All you now want is to reach your accommodation and have a good sleep. If you don’t know the language of the country, you are stuck with the expensive options like the airport shuttle. Even a basic understanding of the language spoken in the region will help you navigate around. And you are able to make budget-friendly medium of transportation when roaming around in your destination.

  1. It boosts your brain

Research shows that learning a new language improves your memory. The effort also slows the onslaught of Alzheimer’s and improves your ability to multitask.

  1. It saves lives

The information that learning a foreign language can save your life may appear strange. But that is the truth. Most of the warning signs in the country may not be correctly translated to your mother tongue. However, a proper understanding of the dangers in the area you travel is a must to stay safe. Even if you happen to face an accident, your language skill will come to your rescue. The locals won’t manipulate you because they know that you can understand what they tell the police. You may even be able to talk to the police on your own.

Finally, having a lifetime friend from a faraway land is a blessing that deserves all your attempts here!


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