Genesis Chapter 14 describes of a battle.
In the course of it, invaders take Lot, Abram’s nephew and his family as prisoners of war along with his possessions. One among them survives the invasion and informs Abram and his ally of the situation. When Abram heard of it, he sets out with 318 of his retainers. They chase the invaders to Dan. Abram and his retainers hid until it was dark. At night, they conquered them and recaptured everything they had taken away. They bring back Lot along with his people and his possessions.


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Want To Become A Morning Exerciser? These Guidelines Will Help!

Everyone wants to become a morning person. Unfortunately, a majority of people are night owls. There are great things to be proud of for a night owl. But waking up with nature has its own advantages. Combine it with the great many health benefits of working out first thing in the morning. We night owls have no choice, but to follow suit. Fortunately for us, it is not as difficult as it appears. All you need is a lecture on the know-how.

If you belong to our group, here are some effective and simple tips to make it happen.

  1. Plan your pre-workout meal the previous night

If you feel that you cannot exercise with an empty stomach, plan your meal the night before. Studies reveal that you tend to burn more calories when you have a bit of fuel in your system than going empty. Still, it is your own body. Test and understand what is best for you and make a choice accordingly.

  1. Avoid that morning hunt

Make sure that you have your exercise outfit at hand the night before. This will avoid a situation where you skip your routine session because you couldn’t find that shoe. In the morning, you just have to slip into your outfit on and hop from the bed. You may even wear part of it the night before.

  1. Do not procrastinate

You have to begin your workout session as soon as you wake up. Drinking a glass of water or visiting the bathroom will do fine. But do not set it aside for some time. The advice applies to those night owls trying to become early risers.  When You postpone a thing, you will lose the motivation to do it. Make morning workout your priority for the day. Your body will respond accordingly. It may take a bit of time; be kind to yourself.

  1. Visualize yourself enjoying your workout session

Set aside a few minutes at night. Visualize yourself waking up early in the morning. Imagine yourself enjoying your exercise routine and coming back prepared to face the day ahead. Reality starts with dreaming. When you visualize yourself like this regularly, you will make it a reality within no time.

  1. Be practical in your expectations

You may feel tempted to wake up at the earliest. However, that may not work for everyone. Experiment a bit and find the time you can wake up without any difficulty. Stick to that time even when your body refuses to yield. It will accept your dictate if you persist. Make a workout session your utmost priority. Do not let anything interfere with your determination. Continue it for a few days. Your body too will follow suit. It will get prepared to burn out some calories the moment it wakes up.

  1. Look for a friend

A bit of outside motivation can help you a lot. Find a friend who can be with you when you enter that gym class. A neighbor to give you company when having a walk too would do wonders. This way, you can motivate each other when either of you go off the track. If it is not feasible, become a member of your local health club. You may also join online communities designed for the purpose. The knowledge that five people are exercising with you at the other end of the world is definitely refreshing.

  1. Set multiple alarms

Set multiple alarms few minutes apart. Let the first alarm go off at the earliest. This will make you awake. You may switch it off and lie down a bit. The next should prepare you to get out from the bed. You stretch out and prepare your mind. And the third should just make you jump from the bed. Write motivational quotes on each of them. Doing this will encourage you to stick with your morning routine.

  1. Play your favorite music

Music motivates the mind, experts say. Perhaps, just a few minutes of music will do wonders, both for your mind and for the body. Studies say that playing music during workouts reduces fatigue. Quite naturally, your performance will improve. The positive influence it exerts will radiate through you to those around you.

Make sure that you are sleeping enough to wake up early. You need eight hours of sleep to stay alert during the day. Combine all this with a healthy diet. Your body, mind, friends and even your boss will thank you for the effort!

Lot And Abram Part Ways

Abram leaves Egypt and returns to Negeb with his wife and all the possessions he acquired from there.  By this time, Abram is a wealthy man with great many flocks, gold and silver. He travels from there and came to Bethel. This is the place he had lived before going to Egypt. He comes to the place where he had built an altar. He does so again and invokes the name of Yahweh. Lot who accompanies Abram wherever he goes too has his own flocks and tents. They find that the land is not enough for them to live together. Their possessions are so much. Disputes begin to break between the herdsmen of Abram and those of his nephew. Perizzites and Canaanites too are living there.

Abram tells Lot that he does not want any dispute between them or between his herdsmen and those of Abram’s. They are blood relations.

He tells Lot that the whole land lies open before him. If he goes left, Abram will turn right. If he goes right, Abram will go left.  Lot looks around and sees that the land is fertile, well—irrigated. It appears to him like the garden of God, like the land of Egypt.

Lot chooses the plain of Jordan. This way, they part ways. Abram decides to live in Canaan and Lot settles down in the valley. He pitches tent in the outlying regions of Sodom.

The people in the area never feared God and are great sinners against Him.

God appears to Abram again after Lot parted ways with him. He asks Abram to look to all four directions; East, South, North and West. He will give all this land to Abram and to his descendants forever. He will make the descendants of Abram like the dust of the ground. If people can count the dust on the ground, they can count Abram’s descendants.

He then commands Abram to travel to the length and breadth of the region. He has decided to give it to Abram. Abram obeys the command and moves to Hebron. There, he builds an altar to God.