Jacob and Laban (Continued)

He then kisses Rachel and bursts into tears. He tells her that he is her father’s relative, the son of Rebekah. Rachel runs to her father.

The girl tells her father everything. The moment Laban hears of Jacob, his sister’s son, he runs toward him. He embraces him, kisses him and takes him to his house.

“You are indeed my bone and flesh!” Laban exclaims. Jacob stays there. After one month, Laban tells him that he doesn’t have to work for nothing just because he is his relative. He wants to know what wages Jacob wants.

Laban has two daughters, the elder Leah and the younger Rachel. Leah has beautiful eyes. But Rachel is shapely and beautiful.

Jacob is in love with Rachel. He tells Laban that he will work for seven years to get her. Laban feels that it is better for him to give her to him than to a stranger. He asks Jacob to stay with him.



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Jacob and Laban

Jacob continues his journey and reaches the land of the Easterners. He sees a well. Three flocks of sheep are lying beside it.  He comes to know that this is the well that they use to water their flocks. There is a large stone that covers the mouth of the well. When all the flocks come together, they would roll the stone off and water their sheep. Then they would place the stone where it had been.

Jacob tries to get acquainted with the shepherds there. They tell him that they are from Haran. They tell him that they know him.

Rachel happens to come that way. She too is a shepherdess. The shepherds tell him that it is Rachel, the daughter of Laban.

He then reminds them that it is still day. It is not yet time to gather the sheep. He wants to know why they don’t water them and let them graze. To this, they reply that they can’t do it. They are waiting for all the shepherds to come together to roll away the stone. Then they can water the sheep.

At this, Rachel comes there to water her father’s flock. She is a shepherdess.

Jacob rushes to Rachel when he sees her with his uncle’s flock. He rolls the stone away and waters the sheep.

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Jacob’s vision

Jacob leaves Beersheba and journeys toward Haran. On the way, he decides to rest for the night at a certain place. He takes a stone and uses it as his pillow.

When he falls asleep, he sees a vision. There appears before him a ladder. He sees the angels of God going up and down on that ladder. He also sees God standing beside him. God reassures him. God tells him that He is the God of Abraham and Isaac. He will give Jacob the ground where he is lying to him and to his descendants. God also announces that Jacob’s descendants will multiply and become plentiful like the dust on the ground. And Jacob will spread out to all the four directions. God also promises his safety. He will be with Jacob. God will protect Jacob wherever he goes and will bring him back to this country. God will never leave Jacob until He fulfills his promise toward him.

At this, Jacob wakes up from his sleep. He feels that God is there and he didn’t know of it. The awareness scares him and exclaims how awed the place is. He feels sure that the place is the gate of heaven.

Next day at dawn, Jacob takes the stone he used as his pillow. He makes it a pillar and pours oil on it. He names the place Bethel. Earlier it was called Luz.

He also makes a vow. If God brings him back to this place safely, if God gives him food and clothing, if God lets him come home safely to his father, He will be his God.

Jacob will make this stone the house of God. He will also give a tenth of everything he receives from God.



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