Self-improvement: Empowering Your Subconscious mind

Subconscious mind is the force that runs a person’s life. The sentence may appear stating the obvious. But, this is the truth. It determines how happy you are in life and how much wealth you are able to attain. Subconscious mind even decides your own convictions about yourself. To be simple, this super power guides every single aspect of your life. These observations do not mean to say that you have to resign to your fate, with whatever you already have in life. Reprogramming the same is an easy job. All you need is a bit of patience.

Making the unconscious mind work for you

The first thing you should try to understand when reprogramming your unconscious mind is how not to communicate to it. As mentioned above, altering this super-power requires the willingness to learn its language. For instance, simply imagining yourself becoming wealthier is not going to help. You will need positive emotions, experiences and images to talk to it. It implies that you will have to have a brighter prospective about yourself. Here are some tips to assist your efforts in this direction.

  1. Try subliminal suggestions

Subliminal suggestions or messages are proven to be quite effective in making behavioral changes for the good in a person. Reports say that they help fight off addictions, improve productivity and increase the power to concentrate. This happens because the positive affirmations are covered in soothing music. This eliminates resistance and get to your unconscious mind without you noticing it. Getting benefited from an expert-recommended program like this quite simple. Just listen to the good music along with the affirmations consistently for one month. A website like

Will help you a lot in this regard.

  1. Repeat positive affirmations

You don’t have to download or buy subliminal messages to reprogram your mind. Just a few positive affirmations designed to help you attain what you want would do the job. For instance, if you want to attract more wealth, repeat the word “wealth” five times before going to sleep. You should do it slow and steady. After a few months, your subconscious mind will start coming up with ideas to help you make money.

  1. Design a movie to help your mind

Know that you are what you think you are. Create a story in your mind that tells about fulfilling your dream. For instance, imagine yourself to be the healthiest person in the world. You may not be able to outsmart anyone. But, your mind will start attracting health. It will come up with ways that you can become healthier and happier.

  1. Train it to solve a problem

This is the first thing you should when planning to reprogram your subconscious mind. Here, you ask your subconscious mind to help you solve a problem. Just think about the trouble for a few minutes. You can even write it down and try to review it for some time. Try to instill the idea that your unconscious mind should solve the trouble. Done this, forget it and continue with your routine. Within a few days, you will get a solution. That is sure to be the one which works best for you.

  1. Locate a celebrity who supports your views

Everyone will have a role model. If you feel that you are unhealthy, find a celebrity who experienced your situation. He/she should be the person who decided to move on and went on to become someone the world admires. If it is your best friend, you are sure to feel inspired. This in turn creates a feeling that even you can achieve what your friend or role model attained. Here too, the super-power that guides your life will come up with ways to assist in your efforts.

Reprogram your subconscious mind; you will become what you want to be in life!


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